Auromesa is located in Taos New-Mexico between the Sangre de Cristo mountains and the Rio Grande.The main house is an Earthship built 20 years ago by Paul and Tizia. The “Plum Shed” is the Ayurveda studio equipped with a traditional dhroni and a bathroom shower/ steam room.

We are entirely powered by the sun.


Auromesa is featuring traditional Ayurveda by licensed practitioner Tizia O’Connor 

With the help of many therapies learned in India and remedies that either come from India Himalaya, Banyan Botanical or made at Auromesa, your mental and physical constitution will be assessed and brought back to balance, using ancient gentle and effective therapies.

Auromesa is also home of awesome sunsets, natural hot-springs, wild river, sea of sage,beautiful light, walking rains, Taos Mountain, sky with no limits.