The 3 Phases of Panchakarama

Phase 1 – Purvakarma :: 7 Days at Home

As a preparation for all cleansing treatments, the patient is given plants and substances to liquify toxins. This can be done at home following a special vegan, cooked diet.


Phase 2 – Panchakarma :: 7 Days at Auromesa

The program is customized to your personal needs.


Daily consultation, abyangham massages and fomentation with medicinal herbs is done. We will work in different types of  treatments (nasya, shirodhara, marmas therapy,  virechana, basti) that will expel toxins and give you total purification and renewal of body and consciousness.


A detoxifying diet and herbal teas are prepared fresh, daily. You can learn how to prepare these foods if you wish by working in the kitchen with us.


  • Daily meditation & Tibetan healing yoga classes
  • Daily seasonal routines
  • Nutrition Class
  • Cooking Class


Phase 3 – Paschatkarma :: 7 Days at Home after your Panchakarma

During the rejuvenation phase, a person returns to the simple diet of Purvakarma during Phase 1. It is important to do this gradually, by slowly introducing solid foods. Many people find that the most profound healing occurs during the rejuvenation phase. Physical, emotional and spiritual changes may be experienced in the days and weeks to come. Sometimes issues that have been suppressed will surface.