Ayurvedic Glossary

Abbyanga – Oil massage to increase circulation, decrease dryness and reduce Vata aggravation.

Agni – The element and universal organizing principle of conversion, light and heat.

Agni Svedana – A procedure used to promote sweating and dilation of channels through heating the body.

Ama – The toxic residue of undigested food that is the source of illness in the body.

Basti – Therapeutic purification and rejuvenation of the colon. One of the five main procedures of Panchakarma.

Dynacharia – A set of daily practices to maximize your health regard-less of season or vikruti.

Dosha – The functional intelligence within the human body responsible for all physiological and psychological processes.

  • Kapha Dosha: The dosha or functional intelligence within the body governing cohesion, liquidity, and growth.
  • Pitta Dosha: The dosha  or functional intelligence within the body governing all metabolic processes.
  • Vata Dosha: The dosha or functional intelligence in the body that governs movement, transportation and the drying and separating functions.

Ghee – Clarified butter.

Kichari – A mixture of basmati rice and split yellow mung dal used to cleanse and balance the doshas during panchakarma therapy.

Marma – Sensitive points which represent a greater concentration of the body’s vital force in that area.

Nasya – The therapeutic cleansing of the head and neck region. One of the five purificatory procedures of Panchakarma.

Panchakarma – The five major purificatory procedures and adjunct therapies for purifying and rejuvenating the body.

Pathya – Diet.

Prakruti – The inherent balance of doshas that is most beneficial to one’s life. The constitution we are born with.

Prana – Life force or vital force.

Purvakarma – The set of procedures used to prepare a person for the main purificatory procedures of Panchakarma.

Rasayana – One of the branches of Ayurvedic science having to do with rejuvenation.

Rithucharya – Each season has its impact on doshas.  This is a seasonal daily routine that will help with the changing influences of the seasons.

Swedana – One of the two main Purvakarmas whose purpose is to dilate the channels of the body so that the doshas can easily transport the dislodged ama back to the GI tract for elimination.

Shirodhara – One of the adjunct procedures of Panchakarma designed to calm the mind and pacify vata in the central nervous system.

Triphala – A purifying deep acting combination of three fruits.

Udvartanam– drying reducing massage with powder. Exfoliating and draining the lymphatic system, increasing circulation, balances V and K doshas, increases Agni in Meda(fat) tissu, alkalinises the blood, Stimulate elestromagnetic field therefore open channels of circulations.

Vamana – Therapeutic vomiting or emesis. One of the five main purificatory procedures of Panchakarma. Cleans the lung/stomach and specially deals with Kapha dosha.

Vikruti – The imbalance of the doshas that obscures ones prakruti or ideal constitutional balance.

Virechana – Therapeutic purgation. Mainly works on Pitta dosha cleaning stomach and small intestines. One of the five main purificatory procedures of Panchakarma.

Watsu – Water shiatsu Pure bliss.