A Sustainable Ayurvedic Center

The artistic touches of Paul and Tizia make this center delightfully warm and cozy.


The Studio

Tizia’s studio is private, cozy and energy efficient It includes a steam tub, a gorgeous Indian treatment table and classic Ayurvedic accoutrements and decor. It was designed and built by Tizia and Paul specifically for Auromesa clients.


The Watsu Pool

This pool room was built just for Tizia’s Watsu practice. Light twinkles in through 1000 recycled glass bottles and a sky light in the center of the dome ceiling. The sun heats the pools water and smooth river rocks make up the floor of the pool. A Watsu session in this space can be a surreal experience once you close your eyes and surrender to the tranquillity.


The Earthship

dinnig.24692116_stdThe main house of the Ayurvedic compound was built by Paul and Tizia in 1990. They fell in love with Taos and move to a very unpopulated high plateau, along the Rio Grande, close to the hot springs.

Being burmed in the ground and utilizing thermo-mass temperature provides natural air conditioning in the summer. The low course of the sun heats up the house in the winter, filling the house with warmth and light.


The Hogan House

The Hogan is a seven sided Navajo dome structure with a private patio and charming interior. It’s available for weekend retreats with an a-la-carte menu of treatments and meals.

hogan-bedroom hogan-bathtub hogan-bedroom