Auromesa Dining Room

Our Ayurvedic practitioner works to balance the doshic imbalance (imbalance in the body “humors” or characteristics). She may offer the detoxification program known as panchakarma (five detoxification therapies), as well as nutrition and lifestyle guidance, and recommendations of Ayurvedic natural herbs. Through her knowledge of the science of Ayurveda, she can assist a client in setting up daily routines (dinacharya) that can bring about the desired balance to release stress and help to ward off dis-ease.






Meditation Room

You are also encouraged to enjoy the special atmosphere of our library/meditation room. We are located on the Hondo Mesa along the Rio Grande near natural hot springs, about 20 minutes north of Taos.








Our guest rooms are cozy and offered to panchakarma and week-end retreat patients. We welcome one or two patient at a time therefore your retreat will stay very private.

Our hogan guest house accomodates one or two patients or visitor. 

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  1. Hello.
    I was referred to you by a practitioner currently in India studying under a Dr there. I have been struggling with western Dr’s for months now. This is after returning from Inia myself for fistula correction. Right now I have several things going on. I can go into more detail via email. The person who referred me really feels I can get help from you. I am a complicated case to say the least. If you can get back with me I’d like to discuss what methods may help my condition and the cost overall if I were to stay there. Thank you.

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