Netra Basti ~ Eye Bath

The classical Ayurvedic treatment for diminished vision and eye disorders.

Netra Basti is essentially a ghee bath for the eyes. A dough dam is built around the eye and the filled with medicated warm ghee. It’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds.

This deep treatment is used therapeutically under medical supervision to address eye issues and loss of vision.  It cleans the eye sockets and relieves tension trapped in and around the eyes. Netra Basti relaxes not only the eye area, but the entire face as well. The nervous system is also nourished through the gateway of the eyes. Fine lines and puffiness in the eye area will diminish.

You will be given daily routines and apothecary to do at home.  All medicine is included in the cost.

Cost:  1 Month of Treatment ~ $350

(One 90-minute session, every week, for four weeks.)

Netra Basti - Eye Bath