At Auromesa we do not cut the corners. You’ll get a full Panchakarma and information to take home from a devoted practitioner.

If you like quietness, privacy and Nature’s beauty you will not be disappointed!

Rejuvenating Panchakarma Treatment Package:

Panchakarma is offered as a five day package.

You will receive 2 to 3 hours of daily treatments.

Your personalized Panchakarma will include:

  • Daily consultationimage
  • Daily Tibetan Healing Yoga
  • Abhyangam – Warm herbal oil massage
  • Nasya – Cleansing therapeutic oils applied through the nostrils
  • Karana Purana – Soothing ear treatment with medicated oils
  • Aschyotanam – Eyes purification with ayurvedic medication..
  • Swedana – Detoxifying herbalized steam therapy
  • Shirodhara – Treatment with mind balancing oils
  • Virechana – Purgation with herbal remedies
  • Basti – Medicated enema
  • Raktamoksha – Blood purification

Your PK may also include:

  • Ubvaratan/Garshana- skin exfoliation with herbal powder.facial
  • Netra Basti- rejuvenating eye treatment with ghee.
  • Beautyfying clay facial treatment.

This package includes all herbs, oils (highest quality) and meals (cleansing, nourishing, organic & non-GMO).

Lodging is available if you need it.

Benefits you may experience after your Panchakarma are:

  • Better sleep
  • Deep sense of calm and well being
  • Improved digestion and assimilation
  • More energy and vitality for growth
  • More clarity in your relationships
  • Better knowledge of yourself, how you function and what you need
  • Lasting happiness and sense of purpose

 Two of the key components of deep healing panchakarma are Solitude and Silence.

feetPanchakarma was developed in India to prolong life and health by removing physical impurities, bringing awareness to destructive thoughts and behaviors, and releasing old patterns. It provides not only purification on a cellular level, but also deep calm and a renewed consciousness. Panchakarma is typically done once a year for disease prevention and for emotional and spiritual growth.