March 2018

Hi, it’s Kaye Lovie, …..Kansas, just a quick message to let you know everything has been great, remarkable actually. I have mostly been sticking to the protocol, and am a bit surprised about that….a coffee or wine here and there, and I can count them on one hand….. but have made it through the mornings without making coffee, that’s been the biggest challenge.
I feel I am still in process and don’t want to cut it short,. The blood pressure is definitely changing,so monitoring it and not taking the pharmaceutical much at all, yippee! I will call in a week or two after I have more history on all of this.  I feel the panchakarma was a life changing event for me and I am so happy I got to go to you!! You are definitely the right practioner for me and I feel like I have never been so nurtured as I was at Auromesa. I thought this was going to be short but. 🌞……. I hope your trip to New York was enjoyable and a bit of a respite.
Thank you, thank you Tizia!!

~ Kaye 

February 2018

Hi just wanted to let u know I’ve been at my new job for 3 weeks and all of my pain and Lyme symptoms are completely gone. I’ve started running 3 times a week. I am healed! Please feel free to use me as a reference, particularly for anyone hopeless living with Lyme. I will forever be greatly to you both.

~ Sherrine

May 2018
I just want you to know that I have never felt this good my entire life! I am so grateful to you and Paul for what you do. I am committed to learning the ways of Ayurveda to help heal people and hopefully do it together one day. I hold a very special place for you dear Tizia…💗🙏

~ Giudita P

Tizia and Paul have created in Auromesa a place of incredible healing and nourishment. If you are ready to welcome positive change into your life, let go of old pain, and deeply improve your health, you must go for a week long Panchakarma treatment. It is worth every penny, every mile traveled, every day of work missed, every possible sacrifice needed to make it happen. You will be nourished from your roots up, touched irreversibly in all aspects of your life. You will learn how to begin healing yourself and develop daily self care routines that are realistically attainable yet profound.

Tizia and Paul are instantly likeable, welcoming you warmly into their beautiful home. Their authentic and creative lifestyle inspires respect and admiration. Tizia will bathe you in wisdom, light, real talk, and holistic Ayurvedic healing treatments. Paul will nourish you with lovingly prepared nutrient dense meals, and even teach you how! Staying at Auromesa is an artist and nature lover’s delight, and the beautiful Taos backdrops will nourish your soul.

If you feel at all compelled to visit this special place, that is your calling. You will always be glad that you did.

~ Jackie – Long Beach, WA – 02/10/2016

Dear Tizia,

Am back in NYC where I am longing for one of your fabulous ayurvedic treatments. I walked in to Auromesa not really knowing what to expect, but walked out not only physically pampered with my entire body in a state of profound relaxation and wellbeing, but also feeling as my mind and heart had been soothed and brought back to a state of calm and clarity. I am only sorry I was able to come only twice, but I will be back……. In the meantime thank you for all your generous advice about massages with sesame oil, eating ghee etc. It’s all been tremendously helpful. With love,

~ Susanna Mele

Thank you dearly for an incredible WATSU experience today. Yes, today, I left my body, entered deeply into my body and connected with IT. Very, very, very exquisite. I found “Home” again!


I want to thank You so sincerely for the Watsu treatment. It was SOOOO Powerful, and I’m definitely still feeling the effects of it. So I’m taking it easy, but I want to acknowledge how generous You are with me – and everyone – when it comes to just about everything – especially Watsu ! So, again, THANK YOU !!!!!!!

~ Karena – Greater World – May 2010

Aside from sex and margaritas, that’s the best I’ve felt in weeks– thank so much! Grateful to Tizia. I want to thanks Tizia Oconnor for my treatment and her lovely friendship and amazing presence.

~ Joanne M. – Taos, NM

If you aspire for optimal health, do a Panchakarma at Auromesa. If you go, you must stay as long as possible. You will be immersed in a lifestyle of an Ayurvedic kind.Pay attention during the am yoga session. Every phrase of instruction from Tizia is philosophy or wisdom:

“Breath-your breath is your best friend…it is always with you.”

“Make your whole body a lung.”

“Your breath is your inner healer.”

While at Auromesa you learn and use the power of the rhythms of the day. You are fed and cared for. Tizia is so gentle during your therapies in the treatment room – the plum shed. And her voice, just saying your name, is like a verbal massage. My PK was my/me time. My time to take it slow, be nurtured and rest much. A deserved retreat in the land of enchantment. Go. Enjoy the majesties of the Mesa, the soothing hot springs and the exhilaration of dips in the nearby Rio Grande and renewed health.

Summer 2009

~ Victoria H. – Cambria, CA

Looking forward to our next session. I am so blessed to have you in my life. You have played a very big role in that regard, i.e., helping me to change. After your “quantum leap” my body has not been as good as it is now since I can’t remember when.

I have a lot to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving and you will be in my mind on that day as one of my biggest blessings.


~ Kay – Taos – 2012

I want to thank-you for your love, support, graciousness, care, generosity and healing hands. during panchakarma.
Ever since the first day we met, you’ve been a great friend and taught me endless valuable lessons that I appreciate on a deep level. I feel blessed to have met you and Paul and I will carry your spirit, wisdom and beauty with me.

~ fungus-among-us

I hope you know what an impact your panchakarma had on me. Your gentle ways, kindness and loving care meant so much to me, i look forward to return to Auromesa.

~ Joe N. – New York City – 2012

Thank you so so much! You have really helped me and I know digestion is extremely important for long term health!
In gratitude,

~ Susan K. –  04/2013

It’s no joke – you are marvellous and thanks to your splendid work, I shall more likely than not live to be 100.

A million thanks,

~ Kay – Taos – 04/2013

The Depth of peace provided at Auromesa was truly healing. i have completed a 7 days PK and feel like a new man, i thank you for the work you do, i love Auromesa and it is now a place in my heart that will keep feeding me.

~ Ken – Arizona – June 2013

Tizia and Paul take good care of your special needs from morning to bedtime. Very caring and compassionate poeple. the quality of all treatments is excellent. Loved learning Tibetan Yoga every morning with Paul. Everything was great.

~ Gary – Tampa, FL – June 20th 2013 – after a 10-day PK.

Dear Tizia,

Thank you for the Chi Nei Tsang session. I have never experienced anything like it. The abdomen can hold so many unconscious emotions and memories, and it is very beneficial for it to receive conscious and skillful contact. The session went very deep for me, physically and emotionally. Through the contact and deep breathing I experienced many feelings that had been long stagnant and so much tension and congestion was released that has not returned. Since the session, I have felt more in touch with my emotional body, and i feel like i have shed some of my outdated ‘armor’, my breathing feels easier and deeper. Thanks again and I am looking forward to future sessions!

~ Rebecca – January 2014

I don’t know if it is because of the CNT treatment but I feel the best I have in my life. Emotionally, energetically, and physically. It’s amazing!!! Thank you so much. I would like to if I should get another and when?

~ Guidita – Taos – February 2014

I also very much enjoyed the Taoist work you did. I realized when I was on the table, that it’s not just the skill you bring it’s the focus and energy that are probably equally as important.

~ Vivien – Taos – Feb. 2014

I loved the Chi Nei Tsang treatment. Today i feel much more grounded and i feel a release of years of locked up creativity. 🙂 deep joy.

~ Heidi – Santa Fe, NM – March 2014

Good morning my dearest Tizia,First and foremost – Thank you for bathing me with your love healing, deep wisdom, and nourishing meal all in your sacred sanctuary.

I am feeling much lighter with moments of joy, most tender and seeing life with freshness and more clarity, with trust in the deep mystery. My heart is touched by your beautiful spirit and passion for your work-you inspire me to go deeper with courage and grace. I feel truly blessed. With warmth and tenderness,

~ Caroline – SF – 2014

I wanted to thank you again for holding such a nurturing energy and creating such a safe space for me to begin unwinding and opening some of these more frozen places. Blessings,

~ Annie

Still feeling very grateful for yesterday’s session. I was so still inside and spent some time walking slowly to my favorite spots around SC last evening, reveling in the light and being… Seeing from more clear and clean space for sure.

~ anonymous

Thank you so much for this amazing experience. The meditation, yoga, delicious meals, environment, treatments and thoughtfulness, and care that is put into everything made me feel very nurtured and at ease. Oh and the animals as well! Ha ha- you both do an amazing thing here and i am extremely grateful to have come across Auromesa and to have had the luxury of taking time away to do a panchakarma. I cant tell you enough how amazing this experience has been for me. Thank you so much for your gifts,your home and your energy. I will not only recommend this to anyone i know who is willing to do a panchakarma, but i will definitely be back.

Much love and gratitude to the both of you.

~ Dexxa – October 2014

Dear Tizia,

I aspire to have my students feel as beautiful about themselves as i do when i am in your presence and when i leave and into the night! in deepest appreciation for your attention and care.

~ Judith – Taos

I’m so grateful to you for the treatments and your loving care, for the wonderful food, thank you, Paul, and for something my words can’t express now that was the essential ingredient to who you are and what you do. I took everything in deeply and I am renewed. It was more than I had hoped for. With love,

~ Uma – Santa Fe – June 2015

After panchakarma I felt amazing, like a new born baby, so clear and calm and healthy,. Life has been a spiral, with lessons repeating. I’m learning, understanding, loving, and trusting the divine in me and It’s wonderful and exciting! I want to say thank you for showing me this path and for all the love, care, honesty, patience, wisdom (the list goes on) that you’ve shared with me. I can’t wait until our paths cross again!

~Kathryn – Canada – Spring 2009

After an initial visit and being very inspired by the special setting of the place on the mesa close to the Rio Grande Gorge and hot springs down at the river, the inner call for a time of purification was confirmed with the trust that this is a special place and the right atmosphere to surrender to a deeper process. Through the first consultation the basic diagnosis evolved and a date was set within a month, and dietary instructions and medicines were given for the preparatory time of purvakarma, and it felt good to be given the trust and responsibility to fully participate in the treatment. On arrival a few weeks later in the lovingly prepared accommodation the first meal of kitchari immediately tuned into the menu-plan for the coming 10 days. The main consultation laid out the treatment-procedures and I appreciated the possibility of learning about the parameters and background and reasons of ensuing steps. A special bonus of the process were daily Ayuryoga-classes early each morning in the meditation room with special emphasis on doshic balancing. The homely atmosphere – and integration into the very kind and caring practitioner’s household and serene setting and open horizons on the mesa allowed me to really dive into a deep transformative time under the very caring facilitation of Tizia. Having lived in India for many years, staying with teachers and masters, I was very happy seeing the benefit again of staying in the immediate environment and household of the holistic practitioner and through that have the chance of an all round care-taking, feedback and pragmatic integration of the unfolding steps of the healing process. This had been a very rewarding and deep healing experience with the additional bonus of having met precious fellow human beings and new friends on the path …. a true opening of the heart, with a very grounded outcome in finding a deeper and rejuvenated balance with my body, mind and soul!

~ Aurelio – Auroville, South India

Dear Tizia,

I wanted to let you know how I have been eating is quite an eye opener. I am now eating with a conscious awareness of how I feel after I eat and it is making an impact. I have lost a few pounds, OK maybe ounces, but I feel great! My skin problems are going away slowly which for me is the most exciting. I look forward to our monthly visits as the good feeling afterward just goes on and on.

~ Desiree – Taos, NM

I got a watsu treatment with Tizia, i felt like i was free falling into myself, i have never had a watsu like this one, i know that she gave her Heart to the process, i am cherishing this amazing peace that she helped uncover.

~ Elaine – Albuquerque

Tizia, …the consultation was a huge release for me…beyond beyond.Some how just sharing with you the transitions that have been occurring for me, has shifted so much… Jai Maa! Thank you for your kind intentions and support.

I deeply appreciate it.

~ Beatriz – Taos NM – Nov. 09

A warm greeting
With penetrating eyes
Looking for more,
Seeing Beyond.
In rhythm she speaks,
Words combined poetically,
With a laugh, a sparkle,
Truth through her touch.
Soft, knowing, deliberate,
Her hands oil smooth,
Leading from present
Seeking possibilities.
Floating, blessed by the wind,
Tizia extraordinaire,
Present, caring, tender
Offers me a way to come home.

~ Jeanie Bernard – Taos NM – Oct 2009

Dear Tizia,

I am writing to personally thank you for my ‘new beginning.’ However, I don’t think I will find words adequate to express the gratitude I feel deep in my heart for your guidance, treatments, compassion, and the support you gave me to transform my life. While you are very professional, you are also exceptionally compassionate. Your natural humor embellishes your other attributes in a way that has left me exceptionally confident that I can achieve the lifestyle transition I needed and need to make for my health and well-being.

I have been seeking through traditional medicine for several years now, someone who could help me deal with the effects of having my thyroid gland radiated. While taking Synthroid medicine may help others, it has done nothing for me. Although my specialist physicians keep increasing my dose, the medication has not even minimally diminished all the negative side-effects of going from a hyperactive (Graves Disease) to a hypoactive thyroid (Hashimoto’s Disease). My struggle with significant weight gain, fatigue, loss of memory, muscle cramping, insomnia, dry skin, and eye problems continued. I had been to three endocrinologists specializing in thyroid disease, when I met you in India. When someone else offered me their assessment appointment with you because you were booked solid, I knew I had finally found the person who could help me heal my body. I will always smile at the thought that I had to travel halfway around the world to find you, but it was more than worth it.

Even though my journey has truly just begun, I feel I can actively contribute to my own healing and well-being. I am already feeling considerably better and most importantly, my energy is returning, which reinforces my doing everything you have recommended and taught me to do for myself. My Panchakarma treatments were life-changing. Those are words I have not used before regards to my health. Besides my treatments, the other supportive aspects of my Panchakarma were beginning my day with silence, yoga, ending my days with a walk, indescribable sunsets, and the pleasure of knowing the support I could count on from both you, and your husband Paul. I have transferred every-thing you taught me to my daily life, including cooking Kachari! Confident that I can call you anytime, and see you again if necessary. It is not an exaggeration to say you have not only given me the opportunity for a ‘new beginning’ in my life, you have helped improve the quality of my life, and I believe you have given me the opportunity for more days on this planet! So how could I possibly find the words to appropriately express my gratitude, except to simply say, ‘Thank you from deep in my heart.”

~ Elaine Williams – Michigan  – June 2010

Tizia`s PK cured persistent digestive problems without the need for drugs and their side effects. I suggest two PK a year. The whole atmosphere of Auromesa is conducive to calm within a working context. A truly beautiful experience.

~ Simon Bell – Taos – September 2010

During my panchakarma at Auromesa I loved: Watsu: Simply incredible, no other bodywork including Reiki etc. can even compare. The caring nurturing and understanding received from everyone involved. The education about my constitution and how to get back in my base and stay there. Most important, the support and guidance from Tizia on how to find myself: i feel as if I met a friend for life! I should have made my panchakarma longer. Everything was excellent.

~ Joe Durando – New York – July 2010

Hi Tizia,

I am feeling much better. Still a ways to go I think, but the herbs and the diet (if I am strict with it) seem to work beautifully. I gave up coffee and the carbonated sodas. I feel less bloated, and my skin feels supple especially if I do sesame oil the night before i think you are a wonderful medicine woman and hope to continue seeing you.

Thank you sincerely, very, very, much,

~ Fiona –  Taos, NM – March 2012

Dear Tizia & Paul,

Thank you for welcoming me to your home. I came here physically & mentally exhausted and I am amazed on how light, energetic and mentally clear I feel today and it’s not even the end of my Panchakarma. I already had a taste of this feeling after the amazing nose/throat cleaning. After the first one, the breath came so much easier through my nose and after the second one, it almost automatically floated to my lungs. The most wonderful treatment was today’s Shirodhara. I loved how the oil felt on my forehead, my head and brain felt so light afterwards, it’s hard to describe. I will definitely have to find a good place in New Jersey to be able to have more Shirodharas. Both of you take so good care of me, I feel so nourished on so many levels. I thank you both so very much!!!

~ Gudrun Echterhoff

I loved: the privacy at Auromesa, the tranquil quiet awesome atmosphere, the hiking and lovely pets to complement the treatments! Being in a Sattvic household is very enlightening too! I feel I am getting a genuine Ayurvedic experience and education due to Tizia’s studies in India where Ayurveda originated. She is extremely knowledgeable conscious and passionate about human health and preventive measures to disease. Thank-you for a wonderful PK week.

~ Kat S. – Memphis, TN

Thank you so much for the Watsu. I’ve woken up this morning in a sort of catatonic state, after a night of the most vivid dreams, wondering about all the energies you have released and how my unconscious is dealing with them. You certainly make the mystery of life more vivid, and the sense that what we think of as ourselves is only a fraction of the story.

~ Tony Huston – Taos NM – July 2016

I have to say that my time was well spent at Auromesa and I benefitted so much from your treatments and program. I am still adjusting to the new lifestyle changes on the physical level, but all in all I feel so much better and am reducing my weight day by day!

Your work is truly transformational, and I appreciate all that you did for me. I had a sense that we had worked together in a previous lifetime. Who knows, it can happen again!  Love,

~ Sophia Morreale – July 2016

The watsu i received was so profound that i remembered how trust fell and how freedom felt. I was able to release old karmic ties with pain, people, the holocaust etc…..it felt like a direct transmission from Spirit. Thank you Tizia for the Grace you share so generously.

~ Taos NM – July 2016

Hi Tizia,
I just wanted to tell you how amazing today’s session was for me. At the end I felt tired yet almost a little giddy and with an overall feeling of gratitude. You are truly blessed with an incredible talent. I’ll be back for more. 🙂
Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

~Mandy Taos NM-January 2017


Hi Tizia,

I would like to share how grateful I am for your help. I haven’t felt like this in decades: centered and calm! It’s so remarkable that I have been spreading the word about your wisdom left and right.

-Jutka Taos February 2017

——————————————————————————-Thanks a lot Tizia and Paul for an amazing treatment and stay and for taking such amazing care of me. Thanks Tizia for keeping me grounded even though I wanted to be on the move. The time gave me a chance to reflect and I am determined and committed to making changes to ensure my body is well nurtured. Paul, truly appreciate the pickup from santaFe at the late hour and all the herbs and food. You both live lives that are true to your heart and soul..Please do visit Vancouver… the guest room will be waiting for you..

July 2017


Thank you so much, Tizia. ☺

We are home, following our Ayurvedic routines and diet, and feeling so much better!. I am down to 116, from 123 last week so I am really happy about that! I am also feeling much calmer, more grounded, my digestion feels complete, and my skin is improving everyday. We’re so happy, about our experience at Auromesa but also our physical-mental-emotional results. I can tell Chad is feeling more energetic yet grounded too.

Warmth & blessings to you,

Nicole and Chad from Seattle

August 2017


I would drive all the way from NY city to Auromesa to get an Ayurvedic treatment from Tizia! The warm plant infused oil that she makes and the way she applies it sent me to heaven

August 2019 Kay from NY