Abyangham & Swedana

The classical rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatment.

Then Abhangham (Abhyanga) is the standard Ayurvedic massage using large amounts of warm oil, which is often pre-medicated with herbs and flowers for a specific condition.

The Swedana is done in our steam tub. You’ll warm up and steam, thus opening pores and increasing circulation to allow toxins to flow from tissue.

Kana Poorna (ears) & Prana Nasya (nose) treatments are included.

  • Great for draining the lymph (lymph being a key player in our immune system)
  • Total detoxification through sweat glands and gastro-intestinal tract, thus purifying the body
  • Prevents and corrects afflictions of the nervous system such as insomnia, anxiety and stress

Cost: 90 minutes ~ $120