Who We Are

tizia_2010.336162424_stdTizia O’Connor

Certified in classical Ayurveda, Tizia is a French-native  practitioner. She teaches the Dzogchen/Bon Tibetan Buddhist meditation practise every morning and on Wednesday evenings. She has been studying and practicing Ayurveda and water-therapies at the Quiet Healing center in Auroville India and at the Ayurvedic Sanatorium in Coonoor Tamil-Nadu with Doctor Sundar Raman (BAMS) & graduated in 2007 (ISO 9001 2000  certificate # 04 100 0640 22-E3 Certified by TUV Germany).

Every year she returns to India or Thailand to either refine her skills in diverse ancient Ayurvedic practises such as Womb-lifting, Therapeutic Thai massage or into newer approaches such as Cranio Sacral therapy or Watsu, or brings her expertise back to healing centers in Auroville India, her heart-land. She loves sharing her knowledge and has a deep passion for new tools and expended ways to help ailing patients.

She also spends much of her time growing organic food that end up in her kitchen, as healthy and delicious vegan or vegetarian fares are a big part of her endeavour to bring together her many guests, beloved family and friends. On her spare time, she enjoys painting Sumi-e, japanese style ink on rice paper.



pauly.143182506_stdPaul O’Connor

Paul O’Connor is the administrator. He makes sure you take your medicine on time, teaches Tibetan Healing Yoga, prepares healthy meals, and helps with travel arrangements. He teaches some of our cooking classes, and pranayama techniques.

He may also share his passion of building off-the-grid homes and point you toward local hot springs.

Paul is also the author of Taos Portraits; a collection of Fine Art photographic portraits of Taos artists in their studio. He is a talented sculptor as well. Besides taking care of us all, including chicken cat and dogs, he has a warm and kind disposition that will make you feel right at home!