Tibetan Healing Yoga

Benefits of Lu Jong / Tibetan Yoga

Lu Jong, a simple series of body movements done in conjunction with rhythmic breathing, has profound effects on the health of our body, mind and spirit. By working with the body in this specific way, we can develop resistance to disease, mental clarity, balanced emotions and vibrant energy. In other words, through Lu Jong, you will find strength, stability and happiness. These movements are a practice of Tibetan Buddhism. Many people are not aware that there is a tradition of physical movements within Tibetan Buddhism; they think of Buddhist practices as being static and on a cushion. However, because of their intimate interconnectedness, one can work on the mind via the body, and without a pure body, one will not get very far developing the mind. The Lu Jong practice is very practical. For those monks that meditated in the mountains of Tibet, far from society, it was necessary to develop practices to keep their bodies in top condition, their immune systems strong and their healing abilities well-tuned. Additionally, their primary aim was always self-development and a heightened awareness of the nature of reality. Lu Jong accomplishes all of this. And as one practices Lu Jong, love develops – love for the practice, for those that gave us the practice and for the way the practice makes us feel!